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Exclusively Open-source CS Education Tools

BX Coding develops, maintains, and funds open-source projects related to computer science education. From online IDEs designed to increase a young programmer’s agency to tools that empower self-directed learners with AI, BX Coding is serious about contributing to the computer science education community.


Seamlessly Transitioning Young Computer Science Students from Block to Text Programming

Patch aims to be the bridge between Scratch and Python, giving students more agency and creative freedom as they transition their block-based programming skills to text-based languages like Python.

Patch, the Penguin


Equipping Elementary School Students with the Skills to Effectively and Ethically Utilize Artificial Intelligence

Prompt-Ed supports students with the training and tools to utilize artificial intelligence tools in their STEM projects. This summer, we’re piloting the summer camp “AI-Powered Game Design with Scratch,” where students will use AI to support them in creating Scratch projects.

Ohio 4-H Scratch Project Book

4-H Project Book Teaching the Foundations of Computational Thinking

We are working with The Ohio State University 4-H Extension to write a project book. It will be a set of self-directed activities and reflections that introduce young learners to the foundations of computational thinking with Scratch, the popular online block-based programming language.

Coming in Fall 2025…

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